Ruben CaetanoDoctor of Physiotherapy

Ruben is highly trained and experienced Physiotherapist having completed both a Bachelor of Health Science at Sydney University as well as a Doctor of Physiotherapy from Macquarie University.

Ruben has worked extensively as a musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapist and he has gained substantial experience in on-field injury management, acute injury care and rehabilitation through his work as the physiotherapist for the South Sydney Juniors. Along with his clinical experience, this has helped him to develop an array of skills for the treatment and management of all musculoskeletal conditions.

What first drew Ruben to a career in physiotherapy was the treatment he received for his sporting injuries over years of playing soccer. Along with his love for sports, Ruben developed a strong passion towards helping others and ensuring that he can achieve the best outcome for them.

With a broad range of experience including the treatment of acute and chronic injuries, ranging from postural spinal conditions and postoperative rehabilitation to overuse and sporting injuries. He has also developed skills in advanced manual therapy and taping, clinical reasoning and specific exercise prescription, ensuring that his clients receive highly individualised and dedicated attention on their way to achieving their goals.

Furthermore, Ruben continually keeps up to date with the latest research in sports physiotherapy, injury management, rehabilitation and exercise therapy to ensure he can pass this on to his clients in the form of the best and most up to date treatment and techniques.